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Designed with the Chiropractic Doctor in mind. is happy to bring you a wholesale outlet for the newest innovations in the Chiropractic field, as well as a new or different approach to several old-fashioned treatments. Please take a few minutes to browse our product lineup here, or visit one of our specialty sections below.

Breath Biotics - The first Probiotic Breath Freshener Mint.  Now you can replenish your friendly probiotic bacteria naturally found in the mouth, throat and digestive tract with this all-natural, patent pending product.  Click here for more information.



The SacroTech - The worlds first biocybernetic sacroiliac joint support and orthosis belt. The Sacrotech is not only the newest SI joint belt available, but it is also the only patented design allowing extremely precise focusing of compression directly over the sacrum or hip, as well as compression over multiple areas without the risk of circulation problems or unwanted pressure around the front of the pelvis.

Therapain Plus - Now there is an all natural, topical pain reliever which not only provides instant relief from muscle and joint pain, but also contains over 14,000mg of MSM and Glucosamine, which have been proven in clinical tests to help reduce or eliminate joint and muscle pain. The minty-menthol scent dissipates rapidly, is non-staining, and long lasting thanks to deep skin penetration and natural skin conditioners.

Memory Foam Support

The Chiro-Sleeper memory foam mattress - Memory foam is a Chiropractors best friend. With superb pressure relief and weight distribution, the Chiro-Sleeper was designed by a Chiropractic Doctor with the patient in mind. Using a unique design, the Chiro-Sleeper has multiple layers of memory foam and specially arranged latex foam to give correct support in the heaviest areas of the body without sacrificing comfort in the lighter areas. After the first night, most patients agree this is a profound step toward better alignment. This could quite possible be the most effective tool in treatment of your patients and is available exclusively through Relief Mart, Inc.!

Herbal Therapy Packs - No back or joint therapy would be complete without hot and cold treatment. Now you can offer your patients something more appealing than a simple hot or cold compress. Our extensive line of  Herbal Therapy Packs will cover almost every area of the body, with many designed for a specific body part. The 13 herbs in our Herbal Therapy Packs were chosen for the wonderful effect they have on the mind and body, and smell great in the process!

Memory Foam Pillows - Our memory foam pillows are the perfect compliment to the Chiro-Sleeper memory foam mattress. The Trillow dual-layered memory foam pillow is actually three pillows in one. As packaged, the Trillow is a 6" thick contoured memory foam pillow, but in seconds can be converted into a  3" thick contoured pillow with a separate layer that folded into a pad or rolled into a bolster pillow! Don't forget to check out the Visco-Soft pillow, a queen size pillow for you patients who need a thicker support, and the bolster pillow, perfect for leisure or travel.

Braces, Supports, and Belts - In addition to the SacroTech SI orthosis belt, we have a unique lumbar support belt called the AirBrace. The AirBrace belt uses an inflatable chamber in the lumbar region to provide tailored support while using a double-pull style elastic lift belt for support. For patients who need correct lumbar support but spend a lot of time seated, the BackForm is a better choice. With an adjustable mechanism and velcro straps to hold it in place, the BackForm uses memory foam to achieve the important custom lumbar support your patients will love. There is also the Memory Feet memory foam insoles to provide orthotic support at a fraction of the cost of hard orthotics!

TheraCherry - With outstanding data from recent research, TheraCherry provides 50mg of Anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant. Each bottle of TheraCherry contains 60 capsules, and each capsule contains the effective concentration of 20 tart Montmorency cherries.  TheraCherry also contains Meletonin, fiber, and vitamins C and E. with the amazing health properties, it is no wonder Doctors worldwide are recommending tart cherry supplements like TheraCherry for a healthy lifestyle. Every capsule of TheraCherry contains nothing but pure pitted and de-stemmed Montmorency cherries,  in order to provide the maximum effectiveness.

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If you have any questions not answered on this site, you can call toll-free 800-667-1969 or email us at and we will be glad to help If you have any questions not answered on this site, you can call toll-free 800-667-1969 or email us at and we will be glad to help you in any way possible.

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